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The WCPA commissions shall be open to all members of WCPA and will provide an opportunity to discuss broad issues facing all areas of student affairs.

Commission members are expected to participate in commission teleconference and follow through on research projects, program recruitment or development, and award submission recruitment or development. Commission members will also promote WCPA, encourage colleagues to join WCPA and become involved in the organization in some way.

Commissions will meet via teleconference as necessary and meet at the annual conference to receive updates on WCPA business and to discuss contributions each commission can make to WCPA. Commissions will be relied upon heavily to recruit program presenters at the annual conference and PDI. Commissions will also be relied upon heavily to nominate individuals for WCPA awards. Each commission will be encouraged to research topics, share resources through email list serves, and recruit members to become involved in the commission’s work.
Commission Selection
Diversity and Social Justice Commission
Graduate Students and New Professionals Commission
Leadership and Involvement Commission
Mental and Behavioral Health Commission
Professional Development Commission
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